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Taolang Group brings cutting-edge technology to four consecutive CIIE | Press

Xiamen, November 5, 2021/Press — The 4th China International Import Expo (referred to as the “International Import Expo”) has issued a Pudong invitation to the world to share new opportunities. As a multinational company that has participated in consecutive exhibitions for many years, TOMRA Group will bring its food business and a number of cutting-edge technologies to this CIIE to fully demonstrate its expertise in optical sorting, quality inspection and grading, steam peeling, and intelligent filling and packaging. Unique advantages.

11 years of deep cultivation in the Chinese market, brand potential is increasing day by day

Taurang has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for 11 years and has continued to provide advanced automatic sorting solutions in the fields of food, resource recovery and circular economy.

In the food field, Tao Lang Foods adheres to the concept of “customer-centric”, has in-depth insights into the industry’s pain points, and drives development with innovation. Relying on the advantages of domestic manufacturing bases, service networks and supply chain resources, it helps Chinese food companies to achieve the iterative upgrade of automated production. Defend the brand reputation with high quality. The good market reputation has also expanded Tao Lang’s brand volume and potential.

Tao Lang Booth: Food and Agricultural Products Pavilion 1.1 A5-01
Tao Lang Booth: Food and Agricultural Products Pavilion 1.1 A5-01

Undertake the Jinbo effect, technology empowers sorting

The CIIE is an important platform for international cooperation, sharing and win-win. Under the current domestic and international dual-cycle development pattern, with the opportunity of an open economy, Taurang Foods will focus on the following applications at the CIIE:

In the field of processed foods, TOMRA Foods will showcase laser smart selection technology (Laser), aflatoxin detection technology (Detox™) and biometric fingerprint identification technology (BSI+).

TOMRA adopts laser technology that leads the food industry and is equipped with a higher-precision detection module. It can quickly and accurately identify and sort through artificial intelligence algorithms to solve traditional color The “same color but different quality” problem encountered by the sorting machine provides a more efficient quality grading and foreign body defective product sorting program for the food industry such as vegetables, processed fruits, nuts, dried fruits, seafood, candy, and potato products.

At present, the market-proven real and effective aflatoxin detection and sorting technology is TOMRA’s unique patented technology Detox. It captures the ultra-low-density light reflected by aflatoxin and eliminates products contaminated by aflatoxin, helping processors to effectively avoid the risk of aflatoxin, protect food safety, and maintain brand image.

TOMRA’s self-developed biological fingerprint identification technology BSI+ detects the unique biological characteristics of each product through multiple spectrum combinations, and can accurately identify even the subtle differences in quality and material, thereby achieving efficient sorting. This technology has also won international awards such as the “Innovation Award” at the World Nut Summit.

In the field of fresh food, TOMRA will showcase the industry-leading fruit internal and external inspection system, LUCAi artificial intelligence engine and intelligent sorting-packaging whole line program.

TOMRA Compac’s appearance inspection system Spectrim can take 300-500 high-definition photos with an efficiency of 1/10 second, and perform 360-degree inspections on each fruit.SpendDetection can accurately identify the size, shape, color and surface defects of fruits one by one. Appearance inspection software Smart Map and Smart Skin with AI self-learning capabilities can help customers quickly establish an appearance defect library.

In addition to appearance recognition, Inspectra from TOMRA Compac is used²The internal non-destructive testing system can obtain comprehensive and accurate internal quality information without cutting the fruit. Highly consistent hardware level, only a single channel is required to build a model, and the remaining channels can be directly copied and used, which greatly reduces the fruit loss of modeling and shortens the equipment modeling time.

Aiming at the blind area of ​​the fruit base at the bottom of the fruit, the UltraView module launched by Tao Lang Compac last year is equipped with a dedicated high-resolution multi-spectral color camera, infrared camera and LED light, which can detect the surface quality of the fruit in all dimensions. The entire set of internal and external inspection systems have served many global fresh fruit operators, ensuring the quality of every fruit that enters the circulation market for fruit production and packaging companies and market consumers.

The LUCAi artificial intelligence engine developed by TOMRA BBC uses an image-driven database of more than 250,000 manual classifications. It uses almost an unlimited number of different data and quality classifications, allowing customers to determine the specific level of product quality and specific defect characteristics that are not required. , Is a sorting tool for small berries such as blueberries.

In addition to providing sorting solutions, TOMRA BBC can also tailor the entire line from sorting to packaging for food companies. This smart packaging system can not only pack 220 blister boxes per minute, but can also switch a variety of packaging materials according to customer needs.

Focus on local demand and increase China’s strategy

The continuous expansion of the number of exhibitors at the CIIE reflects the strong magnetism of this open international trade platform for enterprises. As a global company, TOMRA looks forward to actively promoting innovative exchanges and open cooperation through this global trade event.

In this regard, Ms. Cai Hong, President of Tao Lang China, said: “The Chinese market is a rapidly growing emerging market. Tao Lang is very optimistic about the rapid development of the Chinese market in the fields of high-end food, resource recovery and circular economy. In the future, Tao Lang will Continue to increase support for business in China and investment in domestic manufacturing bases, increase the scale of sales and service personnel, develop product lines that are more suitable for China and emerging markets, and strengthen the unique advantages of manufacturing in China to better support the diversification of local customers Demand for globalization and the development of the industry.”

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