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Snow and hail fell in Hurghada. How it looked

On January 1, snow and hail fell in the resort of Hurghada in Egypt; locals and tourists are sharing photos on social networks.

“In Hurghada, hail fell, with thunder and lightning, and lasted about 40 minutes,” a Russian residing there told RIA Novosti.

Bad weather covered the Egyptian resort on Saturday morning. Video footage recorded six hours ago suggests that many walnut-sized hailstones fell in Hurghada.

Snow quickly covered the roads and covered the parked cars. At the same time, due to bad weather, the country’s authorities announced the closure of schools on Sunday, January 2.

Locals and tourists alike were urged by the Egyptian leadership to stay away from trees, lampposts and billboards that could fall in the wind.

Heavy rains have come to the Sinai Peninsula, snowfalls are also expected in some areas of the region, the local portal youm7 notes.

Snow and rain continued in Hurghada for several hours, the city was covered with snow, the Egypt Times reported on the evening of January 1.

User Egypt Scoop posted photos of palms covered in sleet.

On Instagram, you can also appreciate the snowman made in Hurghada.

Some write that the hailstones were the size of a quail’s egg and damaged several cars.

The climate in Hurghada, as in almost all of Egypt, is tropical desert. Snow is extremely rare here.


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